Rockit Gaming is comprised of the ultimate production team on the face of the earth.

Juggernaut: Based in Austin, TX this duo are the masterminds of audio production behind Rockit Gaming. They compose, mix, and master each song with a finesse so fine tuned that it is unmatched in the industry. Fully producing a minimum of two songs a week, there surely is none other like them in the music industry.

Poppa Squat: Located in Chico, CA Poppa Squat provides a unique blend of hip-hop/ trap/ and electronic soundscape that is vital to the Rockit Gaming sound. He has been in numerous bands and opened for Major Lazer, as well as Girl Talk. Having him a part of Rockit Gaming is essential to bringing a diverse musical blend.

Grimmstein: Hailing down from Poland, Grimmstein provides all of the artwork for Rockit Gaming. Her individual style provides Rockit Gaming with a mixture of dark, yet soothing works of art to capture the true feelings behind Video Game Music.